About Us

What makes Credence different?

About Credence
A Payments Company that Cares

Credence Payments was founded to provide a higher caliber of customer service, attention to detail and communication than most of our competitors. We have found that our customers love having a reliable point of contact and that great communication makes a big difference in our digital world.

From cutting edge technology to unique payment systems, we have the skills, experience, equipment and know how to help your business seamlessly accept payments.

Why Do Most Payment Processors Charge Such High Fees?

Simple answer: because they can — and so they usually do. What’s more, they can set higher or lower rates for every customer. In general, their largest customers have the buying power to demand lower fees. Otherwise, it’s “take it or leave it. But it doesn’t stop there. For almost every transaction, most processors use various payment structures that allow them to pile on additional fees even above and beyond their “set” fees.

Why Does Credence Offer Such Low Processing Fees?:

Simple answer: because we can — and always do. We charge for equipment allowing us to give the processing at the absolute lowest rates in the industry. Meaning, no one can beat our prices. Once their equipment is paid off, they are paying essentially nothing. Also, we “back up their equipment”. Meaning, if their equipment breaks or anything happens we will replace it. We want them working with us long term. And we will make sure to keep them happy. Some people think greed is good. At Credence, we think fairness is better.

Ready to Get Started?

Apply online or give us a call at 1-800-438-3013 and someone from our team will be in touch in 24 hours or less to help you begin accepting payments for your business!

Innovative Payment Solutions & Commitment to Client Success

While our cutting edge technologies are unique and the best in the industry, our commitment to client success is our secret weapon and the fuel that drives our ambition.   We started our company with a belief that high caliber payment solutions and high caliber customer service could work hand in hand. We set out to differentiate ourselves by adding a human touch and always making sure we are there for our customers.
At Credence we’ve discovered that a multitude of our competitors have antiquated technologies and lackluster customer service.   We wanted to set ourselves apart. This ambition has motivated and inspired our team to always go the extra mile for our clients, across the board.